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Are you a real estate agent, team, or brokerage who is an owner, operator, or admin looking to network and learn from an exclusive community of top experts in the industry? Apply for a membership today.

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$99 per month, 

no contract

What makes up our Connect Community:

  ✔️  Group Chat | Network, Ask Questions, Get Advice, Post Videos or Articles

  ✔️  Masterclass | Monthly Live Stream Masterclass with Guest Expert

  ✔️  Office Hours | Group Zoom Sessions During the Workday 

  ✔️  Knowledge Base | Access to our Online Knowledge Base

  ✔️  Access to Exclusive Documents

  ✔️  Members Only Exclusive Offerings  

*No matter how many owners, operators, or admin work at your company, $99/month total is all you'll pay.


$249 Per Month, 

No Contract

What makes up Strategize:

  ✔️  Every Feature in our Connect Community

  ✔️  Monthly Jam Session | Zoom Session Led by Expert Business Strategist. 

          Work together with a group of five hand selected members in supporting each others goals             and development both personally and professionally.

  ✔️  Jam Session Group | Private Group to Stay Connected to Your Peers Between                   Jam Sessions.  


*Only one member from your company is included in this pricing. Each additional member added to Strategize is $99 per month.

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