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    We offer full-service recruiting for growing Agents, Teams, and Brokerages. We can help you clarify the hire, write a great job description and title, get maximum exposure for your post, screen resumes, and interview candidates.  


What you get:

  ✔️  Initial calls and video meetings to determine the correct role needed  

  ✔️  Advice on determining the right compensation model  

  ✔️  Creating ideal role applicant persona   

  ✔️  Screening and identifying top applicants  

  ✔️  Follow up communication with relevant candidates  

  ✔️  Suggested techniques and questions for your interviewing process

  ✔️  Help in choosing the right fit after your final interviews  

  ✔️  Access to our on-boarding checklist and best practices  

    *We offer training and onboarding via Services to get your new hire up to speed quickly.

Purchase at time of hire to receive a month free.  

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