Lee Adkins

Business Development and Growth


Providing leadership, vision, and strategy that helps you grow your real estate business.

Lee moved to Atlanta from his hometown of Houston in 1996 to tour with Phoenix Records recording artist, Soup. After 5 years on the road, he founded his first company, New Music Studios. This new venture in music education led him to become the National Program Director for Camp Jam. At Camp Jam, he helped musicians learn to successfully work together as a team and a business. Lee led a small team that grew Camp Jam to ten locations across the USA.

In 2006, Lee started selling real estate full-time. His results and professionalism caught the eye of the Atlanta Sold Sisters. In 2012, they made Lee their Operations Manager, and he helped them grow from $32M to $67M in just 3 years.

Based on Lee's success with the Atlanta Sold Sisters, other companies began looking to him for help growing their real estate businesses. In 2014, Lee founded Amplified Solutions to help teams and brokerages around the country grow by improving their structure, culture, and strategy.

Lee is a partner with Village Realty, a boutique brokerage in Atlanta. He also serves in a VP role at the Atlanta Realtors Association and on committees at the State and National levels.

Lee still loves music and his favorite axe is a Fender '62 reissue Jazz bass.

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