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How it works:

1. Clarify the Role

We do a thorough intake to learn your business and current team members roles and strengths to clarify the role needed.

2. Write and Post Job Description

We create a custom job post and job description that we use to post on all major job boards.


3. Screen Candidates


We screen candidates by questionnaires, personality tests,     and phone interviews to present you the best candidates.



4. Hire


We give you interview questions to ask your final candidates and help you choose your perfect hire. 

Common roles we hire for:

Operations Manager

Office Manager



Executive Assistant or Assistant



Marketing Manager



Listing Manager



Sales Manager/Mentor/Leads Team Manager






$2,500 upfront + $200/hr to screen candidates

Upfront fee covers clarifying the role, writing and posting the job description and promoting your post.

Screening candidates typically ranges from 8 - 20 hours.

The average hire is around $4,500

How do we stack up?

Most recruiters typically charge 20% of first year salary.

We actually understand real estate and we guarantee your hire.

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What people say:


"Amplified Solutions make the hiring process, well, easy.  As a busy professional, I simply don't have time to trim the fat when it comes to digging through hundreds of emails.  They offered guidance as to what to look for when we were meeting with candidates and always gave us the best pick of our options! The preliminary screening is a timesaver and a game changer because we are only working towards hiring talent.  They get to know you, know your style and understand who may be a good fit for your organization!  Thanks y’all!”    

--Anna Kilinski, Owner at Anna K Intown Team Atlanta, GA    


"Amplified Solutions has a unique understanding of how fast-growing real estate teams function as well as their growing and hiring pains. I was able to count on them to guide me through a crucial hire so I could continue to run my business and my team. They provided in-depth analysis of each candidate and took much of the preliminary legwork off my plate. Lee is approachable, genuine, and a people person. Every candidate that I met with thoroughly enjoyed their conversations with him. I felt that each candidate on the short list was well-screened prior to my introduction. I'm confident that Lee was the best person to guide me through this process. He kept me on track, and was awesome with his follow up. I most highly endorse Lee's qualifications to help real estate teams with their operational challenges and hires."  

--Ellie Kowalchik, Owner at Move2Loveland Team Loveland, OH        


"Lee and his team were paramount in the success of our recent hire! They were thorough in their analysis of what our business needed and provided us with the guidance and support we were looking for to help us feel confident in our search. They got to work right away integrating helpful hiring technology and assisted us as we sorted through the many applications we received. Once we started interviewing applicants Lee and his team even provided sample interview questions for us to use. Hands down, without a doubt, I would recommend Lee and his team to anyone I know looking to grow their team and business!" 

--Erica Collins, Love Live DC  

Washington DC     

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